Hello loves

i’m traci

Can’t wait to get to know you


Finding joy in my journey


Thanks for stopping by and browsing through my space.

My love of photography began in high school when I took a class developing my own film.  That love grew when my first baby, Grace, came along.   My sweet husband bought me my first big girl camera when she was two and we were living in Germany.  I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures and what better backdrop than Europe:)  With tons of reading and a lot of practice, I slowly began to learn my camera and  haven’t set it down since.

My Loves…

I love Jesus.

I love my husband.  I grew up as a military child and became a military wife when I married my best friend.  He is my biggest supporter and encourages me daily.

I’m head over heels in love with our three bubbly girls and baby BOY!  They continue to fill our days with love, laughs, and lots of drama:)

I love dogs…all dogs. We recently rescued our playful girl, Millie.

CHIPS and SALSA…all the love!!

I love to travel.  I mean I really love to travel…anywhere and everywhere.  I feel so blessed to have lived in so many beautiful places because of the Army and we aim to show our kids as much of this world that we can!

I am from Colorado and that is where my family is, but Oklahoma is home to us now and we are loving our time here.

I love to tell stories with my photography.  I’d love to tell yours.